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  Pets -
Yes, we have a lot of them. When I'm not writing, I spend a great deal of my time trying to herd the cats and keep the dogs out of trouble. Sometimes I even succeed, but not often enough for me to get smug about it.
The Cats

The prettiest black cat I have ever had share my life. He was given up for adoption when he wouldn't eat cat food. That wasn't the problem. He just wouldn't eat wet food. He now lives on plain yogurt (a spoon a day) and dry food. His diet hasn't done him any harm. He weighs about 20lbs, and is 3 times Neko's size.

Tam - April 2001

Our little evil girl was rescued from the pound a year after we brought Tam home. He needed someone his age to play with. She was very sickly and had had kittens before she was 6 months old. She's now tiny and 99% evil. Her goodness is all contained in the white star on her chest.

Neko - April 2002

Yoshi arrived yowling through the neighborhood one February morning. I tried to get her to come to me, but it took us another day to catch her on the roof with food. Poor baby was in pain from a tubal pregnancy, so after her hysterectomy she never left. She disapproves of most everything except belly rubs and catnip.

Yoshi - August 2006

The Dogs

Dickens was too big for people to want him, just like Kirby. He was 7 pounds when he was 4 months old! I think he was waiting for me to come take him home. To make sure he was there, he broke a toe, so no one else could take him home. Dickens is now 15 pounds, just like Kirby was. He's a huge black fluffball who thinks he's an Akita.

Dickens - November 2003

Jax born somewhere in the Mohave Desert, and rescued from the Bakersfield Shelter by an odd woman who rescued dogs. He was very scared. Now he's a super dog, who loves everyone. About 4 months after Jax came home with us, he had a kidney infection so bad that it had to be removed. We have no idea how old he is or what kind of dog. I say he's a muppet.

Jax aka JJ - He came to live with us in 2003

Angus Missouri Blue aka Gus Gus, is the newest addition to our household. He is hell on paws and so much trouble. If he wasn't so cute, one of the cats would have killed him by now. Like all cairn terriers he is stubborn and listens when it's convenient to him. I can't wait for him to grow up and respect my authority. (if he ever does)

Gus Gus - April 2008

Over the Rainbow

Who my sister will tell you should have been named Banshee was the best cat friend I ever had. He was born in Waimea on the Big Island in a laundry room in March of 1988. The Spud as I called him was none too bright, and had a yowl that would shatter glass.

More Velcro than cat, he had to be in a lap at all times. He was a terrific hunter when he was young, but would rather leave that to his younger siblings now. He had glaucoma in his left eye in 2001, and that's why it looks like it does in his current pix.

Motlow - April 1988-August 2006

Kirby was bought in Lakeside from a breeder, who had taken him back from his first owner. It wasn't until the next day that we discovered he'd been abused. He was a snarly monster at first, but learned that people weren't evil. Huge for a pom at 15 lbs. Kirby was a sweetheart, but it took us many years to rehabilitate him. He passed away a few  years ago after being struck with an Immune Disorder. I still miss him very much.

Kirby - Feb 1991-Dec 2002

Draven was sssoo tiny when he came home, a small black dot of fur. He was also sick w/ kennel cough but Dr. Dixon fixed that up. He came home and found his big brother Kirby.

Draven never met a tennis ball he didn't LOVE. He taught Dickens to be a good dog. We lost him to congestive heart failure. It still hurts. He was the best dog EVER.

Draven - Dec 1997-Feb 2008

Aramis was one sexy cat. Boneless and lovable like no other. We got him by accident on our way into a Petsmart to buy cat litter. He grabbed my sister's leg through the bars of the adoption cage, and it was destiny after that. We adopted him on our way out of the store.

We don't know how old he was. He was HUGE though. We think he was part Main Coon. He was beautiful inside and out.

Aramis - Feb 1992-June 2002

I have no digital pictures of Opala. I will have to have some of the old photos I have scanned, so you can see him too.

Opala - April 1983-April 2001




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